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Delivering on thoughtful and targeted design, we’ve produced award-winning packaging for prestige and mass market brands in regional, national, and global markets. Our approach is to solve our clients’ marketing challenges by leveraging consumer insights with on-trend creative solutions. We know CPG shoppers search multiple times to visit numerous destinations online, so brands must work hard to update their websites frequently to keep them relevant, useful, and interesting.

They are the influencers and brand ambassadors who can make or break a product, brand or service. E-commerce has transformed the consumer packaged goods industry. CPG marketing agency helps you to grow your CPG brand by building a strong online presence, advertising on platforms where your customers shop, and optimizing your content for better search results. The consumer packaged goods industry spends billions of dollars on traditional advertising such as TV, out-of-home and print.

While brick and mortar grocery stores have restricted hours and regulations, and restaurants have closed down, CPG brands are experiencing a 34% growth since March resulting from changing consumer behaviors and needs. Consumers at home are planning meals and stocking up on packaged goods with long shelf lives like canned and frozen foods.

Surprise and delight care packages turned trial into advocacy, with 86% of participants buying the new product and 76% indicating repurchase. Important for a new brand, the program helped launch the new product with hundreds of genuine product reviews, even before the product was available widely. The positive reviews helped catapult DTC and e-commerce sales from the moment the product hit virtual shelves. From the data gathered in our in-depth reporting and analysis, ICUC will tailor your social messaging to your niche audience segments. Our marketing services include the development of branding strategy and creation of content plans that include brand voice development, playbooks, editorial calendars, and the production of graphics, video, and copy. Still relying on focus groups and shelf placement to understand your target audience?

We recommend our clients invest in their customer communities and involve their customers in their product development market research. Some brands even have customers co-create new products by holding competitions. Learn MoreProduct MockupsFrom flat designs to 3-D representations, we can show you precisely how your product packaging will look long before it’s on store shelves. From recipe cards to coupons, we can get useful take-aways promoting your product and get your product into shoppers’ carts. COVID-19 is changing the game for retail and CPG brands in particular.

Stress eating is sending sales of packaged comfort foods through the roof, with ice cream and novelty food sales up 900% year-over-year during the 10 weeks from March 1st to May 15th. Other top growing categories include toothpaste, soda, sports and energy drinks, and beauty and hygiene products. It’s safe to say there’s an opportunity for those CPG brands that can connect with their audiences. Launching a new product is always a unique challenge, but we helped a global food company launch a new dairy alternative product with our 1PD approach.

Our Facebook campaign strategy combines original content with a dynamic range of possibilities, which in turn reach an engaged and specific audience. Are you a consumer packaged goods company looking for a digital agency? SEO Design Chicago has been working with several consumer packaged goods clients for years. We specialize in advertising, marketing, and digital strategy services. Our experts will help you create an effective consumer packaged goods marketing strategy.

  • While social media is generally the best place for this, the connection starts with knowing your customer and practicing social listening.
  • We’ve been leading with this approach for years on highly recognizable brands in the food & beverage, snacks, candy, retail, and home & office categories.
  • HANGAR12 is a leading independent brand marketing agency for national and global Consumer Packaged Goods.
  • Our Consumer First® approach enables collaboration with your consumers throughout our process resulting in increased brand equity, product trial and brand loyalty.
  • We employ both agency and brand-side marketing experts to craft brilliant solutions to grow brands by engaging consumers… everywhere.
  • HANGAR12 specializes in marketing CPG brands through consumer promotions, shopper marketing, digital marketing, social media, and being one of the best consumer-centric marketing agencies.
  • HANGAR12 is ranked a TOP 100 promotion agency in the U.S. for over ten years.

We utilize vertical advertising for niche CPG products and ultra-efficient DSP advertising to deliver the best experience for our advertisers– as well as more leads and conversions for your brand. Right now, online sales of CGP make up a relatively small but rapidly growing share of the overall market. They can help producers offset increased competition for retail store space through online sales.

In The Cpg World, Where Awareness And Trial Are Key To Driving Sales

But digital advertising is changing the way CPG brands market their products. Social media influences are starting to work their magic on other areas of the visual brand experience like consumer packaging. In general, products with appealing packaging are more likely to encourage consumers to showcase them in user-generated content which generates organic interactions online.

In some cases, e-commerce marketing can even help new brands get established by making online sales and even getting enough brand recognition to earn coveted slots at brick-and-mortar stores. Now that you understand the benefits of selling CPG online, you can explore ways to get consumers to buy products online that they still may be used to picking up at the grocery store. Cuticone Design is a New York based brand agency specializing in consumer packaging and strategic image creation. Since 2000 we’ve been innovating and managing breakthrough packaging for hundreds of products in numerous categories.

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Alongside quality responsive design, social media marketing is the quickest route to your customer, regardless of who or where they are. We’ll help you craft a creative and modern campaign, in keeping with all your brand ideals and concepts. Our digital ads team at Online Optimism helps you boost engagement with your on-site content and effectively target your audience. We develop extensive campaigns made to grab the attention of customers through remarketing efforts, geo-fencing, and search engine marketing. Our CPG digital marketing agency makes it easy with a digital ads department that uses your budget to its full potential to reach users and turn them into customers. An experiential Marketing Agency, we cultivate relationships with consumers, provide new product launch marketing plans and focus on brand engagement through authentic conversations across social media. Brand engagement and influencer marketing agency based in Los Angeles.

According to Think With Google, CPG customers that watched a brand on YouTube report spending 40% more than consumers that didn’t. Video content has shown exponential growth over the past few years; CPG marketing should pay close attention to these trends. Typically CPG products are sold by brick and mortar CPG marketing agency retailers or big box stores. They use creative packaging designed to “brand” or “differentiate” a product from its competitors on a grocery store’s shelves. With so many consumer packaged goods companies in existence, it can be difficult to identify what marketing tools are effective and what are not.

Leveraging their CRM database + personalized emails, we asked the most engaged and loyal consumers to give the new product a try. Within one day of launching the hyper-targeted program, the brand was overwhelmed by positive responses and had to cap it.

With over a decade of digital experience with consumer packaged goods businesses, SEO Design Chicago can create a customized strategic marketing approach that is unique to any company’s specific goals. edia provides an avenue to reach out to a targeted audience. Our social media team has over a decade of experience producing content that will increase brand awareness and reputation.

Think Lush bath bombs, and the hundreds of thousands of Instagram users who can’t wait to feature their beautiful, foamy reveal in their Stories. Gourmet Ads has been serving the Consumer Packaged Goods since 2008 ten years. Our platform specializes in food and wine, as well as a variety of other types of consumer packaged goods. We have specific targeting options for reaching Grocery Buyers and Household Decion Markers. We understand the importance of properly advertising consumer packaged goods and how different the industry is compared to non-perishable products.

Traditional marketing audience analysis can no longer compete with the power of social media marketing reporting. Reveal an entirely new set of insights on your niche audience segments, collected from measurements of our social listening tools.

A great way to engage with customers is through brand experiences where customers can physically interact with brands. Brand experiences like lab stores often become a type of consumer research facility where companies can learn more about consumer behaviors. Consumers, like influencers, also get the benefit of testing out new products and publicizing them with their followers so it’s a win-win situation. We have noticed success in CPG campaigns where consumers are tapped into the marketing process earlier.